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Data processing does not have to be a hassle. We are one of the first companies to receive approval from the European Union’s Data Protection Authorities to apply binding corporate rules as data processors and data controllers.

Our Human Capital Management (HCM) software encompasses HR, payroll, time, talent, tax and benefits in a single Human Resource Management (HRMS) solution to make the most of your employees’ potential.

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Because… provides quality training in geographic information technologies (GIT) and enables its application to the analysis and management of geographic data in the resolution of problems of a territorial nature.

Because… it responds effectively to the growing demand for professionals and researchers with GIT skills in many sectors of activity, especially in land use planning and the environment.

Because… it is consolidated in the national and international academic offer in GIT, has trained more than three hundred graduates, has signed numerous agreements with companies and institutions in the sector, its graduates have an excellent job placement…

Because… it provides students with a specific computer classroom for exclusive use in which both classroom activities and hours of independent work are carried out.

Priority is given to curricular profiles in disciplines related to spatial information and territorial and environmental planning, such as Geography, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Biology, Forestry and Agricultural Engineering, Geodesic Engineering, Archaeology…

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In order to facilitate its technical implementation, libraries that will help to develop applications with DESY are also offered. It is like a “precooked” prepared with the mandatory ingredients and recipes. But it should be clarified that, as well as following the visual and interactive coherence is mandatory, if you are going to build digital products for the Government of Aragon; however, the use of these libraries is optional, although we recommend you to use them.

It is used in intranets or web applications for desktop or mobile and usually have restricted user access. It has less height as it is composed of a single band. Before logging in, the logo of the Government of Aragon is shown expanded. After logging in or in mobile version, we can use it in reduced version only with the flag, without the letters.

desy-angular is a library in the form of npm package that serves to build the user interface of the web applications of the Government of Aragon with the Angular framework. It is the library that is proposed to be used for final development of web applications.

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Also contemplated is the planting of trees, remodeling of the flagpole area, placement of trash cans, installation of benches, rehabilitation of dancing fountains, improvement of access ramps and the central fountain.

After the first roofing was built in this community in the 2018 – 2021 Administration, in the present GobiernoDeContinuidad the Municipal President, Porfirio Loeza Aguilar, began the construction of the sports court in the Community Preschool in the town of “El Canal”.

The first was the extension of electric energy that benefits families on the streets “La Loma”, “Privada Duraznillo” and “Privada Bugambilias”, a work that will reduce the cost of the electricity bills they pay to the #CFE.

The second work was the rehabilitation and filling of 300 meters of the road that connects the plots of the community and Tanhuixco with the community of Gómez Oriente, a stretch that is located next to the cemetery and was in poor condition because of the rain.

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