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Therefore, the current legislation on horizontal property consists of the Civil Code and Law 49/1960. Both rules, together with the constituent titles, bylaws and regulations of each condominium form the regulations to be followed by the neighbors in horizontal property regime.

In total, the Horizontal Property regulation has undergone nine reforms. The most important was the modification of 08/04/1999, the result of a Popular Legislative Initiative that was taken to the Congress of Deputies with more than 832,000 signatures of support.

The 1999 reform included the proposals of the General Council of Associations of Property Administrators and its main modification was on community debts or, colloquially, “delinquent neighbors”.

The 2013 reform of the Horizontal Property Law was not a modification of this text itself, but a set of collateral changes to the approval of the Law on Urban Rehabilitation, Regeneration and Renewal of June 26.

From the legal sector it is denounced that the reforms that have updated the Horizontal Property Law have fallen short and that, on occasions, rather than providing a clear regulation that solves current problems and situations, the current regulations on horizontal property or IPH generate conflicts and problems of interpretation.

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The second civil court sentenced the Regional Government of Loreto to not grant new forestry concessions in the Yavari Tapiche, Yavari Mirim, Napo Tigre and Sierra del Divisor Occidental indigenous reserves.

WE categorically REJECT Bill N°3815/2022-CR, presented by the pro-Fujimori congressman Jorge Morante Figari, which seeks to modify the main articles of Law N°28736, Law for the Protection of Indigenous Peoples in Isolation and Initial Contact (PIACI Law) …

We, the indigenous representatives who sign this declaration, belong to peoples who share territories with indigenous peoples in isolation and have even faced the devastating consequences of contact due to the spread of diseases and the conflicts that this entailed. For these reasons, we have taken on the protection of these peoples, of respect for their right to live in isolation …

Nearly 100 fishermen from six native communities of the Tapiche and Blanco rivers, in the province of Requena, Loreto, have benefited from six motorized boats and various equipment, which will modernize their fishing processes. This equipment will help optimize fishing operations and reduce the …


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However, the main characteristic of this area of the country is associated with cattle raising: both its typical dish, the mamona, and its main artistic activity, the coleo, have a cow as a protagonist.

This bovine panorama would indicate that all the soils of the region, or at least most of them, are suitable for livestock production, whether for consumption, milk production or breeding; and that other types of activities, such as agriculture, forestry or conservation, have no place in this territory.

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The second most important productive use in the region of the magical sunrises is agriculture, with 11.3% of the total of the Orinoquia (2.8 million hectares); Vichada and Meta are the largest contributors to the amount of land under cultivation.

However, Nieto Escalante was emphatic in assuring that before carrying out any type of development, it is necessary to rely on soil studies, which include fundamental information for productive and environmental planning, such as vocation and capacity of use.

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