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DE ALICANTE has talked to Manolo Jiménez, Francisco Escudero Paquito, José Antonio Palomino, José Vicente Lledó and Miguel Marí, who proudly review that period and are critical of the present, as they miss the Alicante DNA in the team and a greater rooting of the entity with the city.

On the sporting side, Jiménez is clear about what was partly the secret. “There were good players and others with hunger, but Hercules has already had them on other occasions and they didn’t work out. I think what made me make that leap was my character, not my tactical knowledge,” he explains.

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I hereby declare that I hold custody rights over the minor whose medical records I am accessing at this time. Should I lose my rights of custody or guardianship for any reason, I endeavor to inform the hospital to this effect without delay.

All tests are performed on a non-fasting basis, except for the PCR saliva collection for which you must be 30 minutes beforehand without eating, drinking or smoking (see sampling procedure).

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The IgG- IgM- result indicates that the disease has not been passed. In case of suspicion of having been infected in the previous 15 days, PCR should be performed if necessary to rule out active infection.

Consult your family doctor or health center immediately in case of a positive test result. Wear a mask, use extreme hand hygiene and isolate yourself at home unless your doctor tells you to go to a medical facility. If you want your case to be followed up at a Quiron Health center, call 901 500 501 to request urgent assistance.Back to top

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The Esperanza Pertusa Foundation announces the 2nd Edition of the “Esperanza Pertusa International Photography Award”, after an initial edition in which more than 60 artists from all over the world participated, submitting 182 photographs on poverty and social exclusion with a direct approach to the heart.

The aim of this Award is to recognize and disseminate the work of artists, professional or amateur, who inspire positive social transformation by addressing in their projects the situation of poverty and social exclusion experienced by millions of human beings in the world.

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Las Habitantes looks out the windows of complex realities, leaving the door open to a future where women, regardless of their starting point, are increasingly strong and protagonist, struggling to inhabit their deserved place in society and on the planet.

Morocco’s international reputation as a reformist and progressive country remains contradictory when it comes to women, who continue to face major obstacles. Their social, economic and political participation, as well as in sports, is still minimized or denied altogether.

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En el Barrio de las Letras, junto a la Estación de Atocha, se encuentra el Parking Atocha 70. Nuestro sistema de acceso de vehículos se gestiona a través de cámaras de lectura, que identifican las matrículas de nuestros clientes para permitirles el acceso a las instalaciones del Parking Atocha 70.

Mientras el vehículo se encuentra dentro del Parking Atocha 70, se acumula el tiempo, al salir de las instalaciones, el contador se detiene hasta que el coche vuelve a entrar. Si el usuario supera las 12 horas establecidas, deberá abonar el tiempo excedido.

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Nuestros servicios no sólo están dirigidos a usuarios con coche, sino también para aquellos que se desplazan en moto. Al igual que con el abono mensual, al reservar el aparcamiento de Atocha 70, los usuarios tienen acceso todos los días del mes, las 24 horas del día.

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