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Eye care can be expensive. The good news is that there are many programs that offer free or low-cost eye exams and eyeglasses. In addition, some health insurance plans offer eye exams and may also help cover the cost of other eye care related services.

These programs offer free or low-cost eye care. Keep in mind that you will need to apply for help from these programs, and many programs have specific requirements, such as having a low income or being at increased risk for certain eye diseases.

BebéVE (InfantSEE) offers free eye screenings for infants 6 to 12 months of age. These screenings are performed by an eye doctor and may detect problems that a regular eye exam will miss.

If you need help understanding your Medicare benefits or coverage, contact your State Health Insurance Assistance Program, or SHIP, office.

How to use your new 5-in-1 Wireless Headset

We want to support the path of recovery of the victims of trafficking in an individualized way knowing that it is our commitment and that it is a task that requires time and dedication, since the impact of the crime of trafficking has serious consequences on the health of women.

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National Police. José Ángel González, Commissioner of the National Police, Head of the Central Brigade against Human Trafficking (BCTSH). Central UCRIF. The work that Project Hope carries out day after day, every day and at all hours, is essential in the fight against human trafficking, since without its constant effort to shelter and assist the victims, many of them would be helpless and would have no option to rebuild their lives and overcome the terrible aftermath of such a terrifying crime. The high degree of specialization and the enormous commitment shown by the members of the Project are commendable, and make collaboration with other institutions involved in the fight against the phenomenon, and especially with the National Police, extremely simple. In short, I could not thank Project Hope enough, because without their good work, the National Police would be extremely frustrated when we manage to free victims of trafficking, abused, exploited and deprived of their dignity, if we did not count on their help to give them a new hope.

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Diego Torres – Sueños (Official Video)

Media: American-Architects.comDate: February 1, 2021Description: For the second year in a row, a building on Chicago’s South Side has received the most votes in our Building of the Year poll on In 2019 it was an academic building at Illinois Tech. For 2020 it’s the dynamic orange building that Juan Moreno’s firm, JGMA, designed for Esperanza Health Centers in the Brighton Park neighborhood.Continue reading.

Media: Univision ChicagoDate: January 25, 2021Description: Implementing mobile units that reach neighborhoods with more Latinos, creating centers for vaccination events, sending more doses to hospitals near this community and developing antidote safety education plans are some of the strategies of aldermen and local leaders to immunize these people.Watch video.

Media: Univision ChicagoDate: January 22, 2021Description:  Dr. Alejandro Clavier talks in detail about the expansion of various services for minors being offered by the Vida Pediatrics clinic, in conjunction with Esperanza Centers, to communities in that region of the city.Watch video.

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In order to provide young people with the necessary tools for their graduation from the Casa Hogar, we have created the Continuous Development Program for Youth (“PRODEJ”), seeking to boost their potential for professional success and life project through workshops, the collaboration of our donor companies in job placement and our continuous support and follow-up.

With your contribution you are guaranteeing higher education for 5 young people and contributing to a reserve fund that supports and motivates their entrepreneurial spirit so that they can become successful professionals and generators of employment.

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