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From the institution regrets the loss of human lives and the injured caused in the tragedy, and insists that on that day there was a foreseeable risk situation in the area in view of the initial development of events.

From the images received by the Ombudsman, it can be seen that, at a gate of the border perimeter, an avalanche of people caused an overcrowding and crushing with deadly consequences.

The Ombudsman has not concluded this action and has asked the Secretary of State for Security to send more images of June 24 of the border perimeter that could help to clarify some points.

In the meantime, the institution is keeping open actions addressed to various administrations. One of them is addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reinforce, with material and human resources, embassies and consulates so that people in need of international protection can access them and apply for asylum without having to risk their lives or use irregular routes of entry into the country.

Who is the Director General of the Civil Guard?

Director General of the Civil Guard. She was born in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz) in 1969. She has a degree in Law from the University of Malaga.

How to talk to the Guardia Civil?

At the 062 number, through which the Guardia Civil will assist you directly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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What rank corresponds to the General Directorate of the Civil Guard?

The Director General of the Guardia Civil has the rank of Undersecretary, and is responsible, under the Secretary of State for Security, for the direct command of the Guardia Civil.

Spanish Civil Guard

The DGGC was created in 1844 under the name of Inspección General de la Guardia Civil (General Inspectorate of the Civil Guard), its first head being Francisco Javier Girón, ii duque de Ahumada.[2] It is headed by the director general, a senior official of the State Administration appointed by the king, at the joint proposal of the ministers of the Interior and Defense, with the prior deliberation of the Council of Ministers. To assist the latter, there is a deputy operational director (DAO), a lieutenant general of the Civil Guard.

To organize the corps, Francisco Javier Girón, II Duke of Ahumada, was appointed, who made a report explaining how the corps should be regulated and the system of remuneration for the agents, a report which considerably reduced the budget, and which led to the approval of a new Royal Decree on May 13, which repealed the one of April -which never came into force- and which is the real date of creation of the corps.

The aforementioned decree of 13 May 1844 created a General Inspectorate as the central management body of the corps regarding its organization, personnel, discipline and material, and which was related to both the Ministry of War and the Ministry of the Interior for the matters that corresponded to each one.[5] The General Inspectorate of the Corps was created in 1844.

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Guardia civil press

A cordial greeting to all of you. Knowing that in this century educational institutions must be at the forefront of technological advances and that communication plays a very important role in the development of society, as an educational institution, we have seen fit to restructure the website of our institution, the same that will be a meeting place, permanent effective communication with all the Horacina family, an opportunity to learn about the institutional life, good practices and educational experiences, to interact with all members of the educational community, to reconnect with our alumni and make ourselves known as a Leading Educational Institution symbol of educational excellence.

The web page that we present is very versatile for the type of information that you will find: documents, communiqués, information from different areas, educational experiences, institutional activities, photos, videos, etc.

Responding to his vocation, he entered the Civil Guard Officers School, from which he graduated in 1949 with the rank of Ensign. He served in the 1st, 26th, 13th and 29th Command respectively, and in the 2nd Squadron of the Officers School.

Civil Guard Intranet

The individual who intends to obtain a letter of invitation in favor of a foreigner must address his request to the Police Station of his place of residence, which will be the competent for its processing and issuance.

Once the request has been received by the competent agency for its processing, the latter will initiate its processing, appointing an instructor of the procedure, in order to resolve in the appropriate sense in relation to the same as soon as possible.

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When the instructor of the procedure deems it pertinent, the applicant may be summoned for a personal interview in order to verify his identity, the validity of the documentation provided and the truthfulness of the information contained in the application. Failure to appear, except in cases of force majeure, within the established period, which may not exceed fifteen days, shall have the effect of considering the applicant withdrawn from the procedure.

The notification of the favorable resolution of the request for a Letter of Invitation shall be effective for the payment of the corresponding fee, under the terms provided for in the provisions in force. The payment of the fee must be made within one month of the aforementioned notification, and proof of payment must be provided when collecting the Letter of Invitation.

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